Kidney donation for people with blood in their urine (hematuria)

Can I donate a kidney if I have blood in my urine?

Maybe. Blood in your urine may be a sign that you have another health problem that can cause long-term kidney disease.

How will I know if blood in my urine will stop me from donating?

1. During your evaluation, your doctor will:

  • Ask if you have had blood in your urine or urinary tract infections in the past
  • Do a urine test and look at it under a microscope for blood

2. If your doctor sees blood in your urine, they’ll do more tests, such as repeat urine tests and do imaging of your kidneys

3. If your doctor finds another problem is causing blood in your urine, such as a kidney problem, you may not be able to donate


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What causes blood in urine (hematuria)?

Blood in urine (hematuria) may be caused by a variety of things including:

  • Inflammation in your kidney
  • Kidney tumor
  • Urinary tract infection (UTI)
  • Menstruation
  • Heavy exercise
  • Kidney stone

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Note: This information is the opinion of the Living Donor Community of Practice (LDCOP) of the American Society of Transplantation. The LDCOP is a group of health care professionals and researchers who specialize in living kidney donation. The LDCOP’s recommendations are meant to offer you helpful information, but you may find opinions from other groups or organizations that are helpful to you, too.

Last Updated: 
January 23, 2018